Broadcast People

SlomoCrew provides specialist broadcast professionals

Producing television programmes and live recordings of events is a complex process. It requires more and more Information Technology. Powerful computers are used to create the instarts, repeats, highlight clips, graphics, on-screen content on monitors, name titles, virtual advertising, and augmented reality.  The SlomoCrew broadcast professionals know how to get the most optimal information from these smart applications.

Whether it is live sports events, game shows, events, talk shows, news and current affairs, live or recorded, SlomoCrew has the expertise you need. Apart from that, we have an extensive network of experienced freelancers in the world of broadcasting. Our specialists are quick, solution-oriented, and communicative.

At SlomoCrew, it is all about having the best people in the right place. Our schedule is flexible and client-focused. We will be more than happy to offer our ideas and input.

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